With the business location in hand, and the store on its way to getting the interior work done that it needed, I needed to turn my attention upwards, specifically to the roof, which I learned throughout the buying process had it’s own issues to tend to. I was very set on this exact location for my business as I had my eye on it for quite some time, so managed to add the repairs into the buying price which was fortunate for me. I found a local company called Citadel Roof to come in and do the work I needed, and it was more than a small favor, as they managed to come in under quote and save me some money in the meantime.

While the work was being done, I was busy trying to sort out the rest of the details when it came to my offerings. I had been making clothes of all types and sizes since I was in high school, and had to get busy on cataloguing it all, arranging by size, style, weather, and more to ensure that when customers came in, that they had their choices laid out for them. I also started a catalogue of all the things that I could create uniquely for those who wanted something tailored for them. I figured this gave me a different edge when it came to clothing design as my customers could be sure that they were wearing an article of clothing that no one else in the area had.

When I finally opened my doors to the public, it took a little bit for the real customer flow to start coming in. My friends and those who had known me most of my life all made their rounds and bought their items, but word of mouth travelled a little slower, within the first couple months I began to worry, but as the holiday season hit, my sales started to explode. Bringing an internet edge to my store saw orders coming in from across the country, and it seemed that every local in my home town wanted something done for a friend or relative for the holidays. I wound up having to bring my mother in to help with some of the orders just to make sure I got them all out on time.

Things slowed down after the holiday rush as they tend to do, but I never really hit another point of worry since then. Which has been great, being able to follow my dream and passion since childhood into something that I managed to formulate a career out of. I have sent out orders across the state, the country and even to neighboring countries, I have been featured in the newspaper, and a few different magazines, and managed to carve a pretty nice niche out for myself. Hopefully it’s something that I can pass on to my kids as time goes by, and may to theirs, as my grandmother did to me, and I will be ever thankful for.

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